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Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the United States. Under these conditions, one must know how to react to emergent local events under uncertainty. As a result, we decided to build this platform to serve news and updates from local/major news sources and local state department resources. Below you will find live tweets from US state health departments, the CDC, and much more. We’ll attempt to update the site according to your needs in order to provide you the most pertinent information possible. For more information, please follow source documents on endcoronavirus.org.

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  • 08:12AM EST | @ Yaneer Bar-Yam 
    @johnhhaskell RI is a small state. People need to stand up and make sure the Governor does everything possible. Goi… https://t.co/ynQ0K6wsyS https://t.co/ynQ0K6wsyS
  • 08:10AM EST | @ Yaneer Bar-Yam 
    @martinezst45 The important reality is that it does.
  • 08:09AM EST | @ Yaneer Bar-Yam 
    @johnhhaskell Not either or. Need both.
  • 08:09AM EST | @ QuickTake by Bloomberg 
    It's been a tough week for Spain as the country dealt with a sharp increase in #coronavirus related deaths.… https://t.co/UWnxEf0RD4 https://t.co/UWnxEf0RD4
  • 08:01AM EST | @ QuickTake by Bloomberg 
    Battling anxiety and fear during the #coronavirus outbreak? This clinical psychologist shares advice on how to co… https://t.co/tVrqXJ2Lmz https://t.co/tVrqXJ2Lmz
  • 08:00AM EST | @ QuickTake by Bloomberg 
    🐨 Here's how @KIWildlifePark and @RSPCA are helping release recovered baby and mama koalas injured by the deadly… https://t.co/YM5W6SVhnN https://t.co/YM5W6SVhnN
  • 07:58AM EST | @ BNO Newsroom 
    @jo8james The number of new cases in Mexico has been rising for the past week or so. Last night they reported 132 n… https://t.co/spYR6tY72v https://t.co/spYR6tY72v
  • 07:54AM EST | @ BNO Newsroom 
    @Immortal0106 @Medium1982 @Jinxy_Minxy Liechtenstein has 56 confirmed cases. We have a full country-by-country brea… https://t.co/MzwEPqD4fG https://t.co/MzwEPqD4fG
  • 07:26AM EST | @ BNO Newsroom 
    @Medium1982 @Jinxy_Minxy Russia reported 228 new cases this morning and 1 new death. They now have 1,264 cases and 5 deaths
  • 01:45AM EST | @ The COVID Tracking Project 
    @MrDelvan @g0leary @LastWordWilliam Thank you. We had not seen this article. We're just beginning to track hospital… https://t.co/TdaT70fPXM https://t.co/TdaT70fPXM
  • 01:43AM EST | @ The COVID Tracking Project 
    @nicksydow Thank you. We'll have to get a reporter up in NM.
  • 01:42AM EST | @ The COVID Tracking Project 
    @sherijung We think we know what's going on, but in any case, it's not good.
  • 01:26AM EST | @ End Coronavirus Dot Org 
    @GobiernoMX People are more important than short-term economic gain/stability. #Mexico #UnitedAsOne #CrushTheCurve https://t.co/546vvpMiAF https://t.co/546vvpMiAF
  • 01:25AM EST | @ End Coronavirus Dot Org 
    🇲🇽Mexico Breaking News🇲🇽 The President of Mexico has ASKED the people to go out and buy things at markets and smal… https://t.co/3v1qiykOLP https://t.co/3v1qiykOLP
  • 08:47PM EST | @ End Coronavirus Dot Org 
    @voxdotcom @jayboice Cases in the US are growing at an alarming rate. Discuss with your family and friends ways to… https://t.co/sUG7Ut8VXd https://t.co/sUG7Ut8VXd
  • 06:00PM EST | @ CDC 
    #CDCTRAVELNOTICE: #COVID19. Global #Pandemic Notice. Avoid all nonessential international travel. If you travel, yo… https://t.co/dGeyIDlGbz https://t.co/dGeyIDlGbz
  • 05:59PM EST | @ HHS.gov 
    Together with the @WhiteHouse, @CDCgov and @fema, @Apple launched a COVID19 screening tool that guides users throu… https://t.co/tLOzDaSRix https://t.co/tLOzDaSRix
  • 05:31PM EST | @ U.S. Surgeon General 
    Everyone has a role to play in slowing the spread of #COVID19. https://t.co/SVK4A9ZICu